Accurate, trouble-free PCR

With a heated lid, thermal accuracy of +/- 0.5 C, and excellent thermal uniformity, OpenPCR delivers the same results as machines costing $10,000.

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Open Source

The software, CAD, and Bill of Materials for OpenPCR are all available. If you need OpenPCR to do something else, you can change it! OpenPCR has already been hacked to do microfluidic PCR, and software has been written for laboratory automation.

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Easy to Use

Unlike traditional PCR machines that require you to enter programs using an obscure, antiquated push-button interface, OpenPCR ships with a Windows and Mac GUI application which makes designing your protocol a breeze!

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Easy to Build

OpenPCR is a kit containing everything you need to build your very own PCR machine. All parts are included, along with excellent instructions and even some tools. If you can assemble an IKEA desk, you can build an OpenPCR. Literally the only tool required is a screwdriver!

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