Alas! OpenPCR is pre-stocked

After many months of effort, we’ve finally ramped up our manufacturing to the point that OpenPCR is no longer backordered. With our latest weekly shipment, pictured above, all placed orders have finally been fulfilled, and we’re now shipping new orders within 1-2 business days. So no more long waits for your OpenPCR :)

With these delays behind us, we’re now able to concentrate on improving OpenPCR, and will have some exciting software improvements coming soon. Say tuned!

Note that while individual orders will now be fulfilled in 1-2 days, distributors placing bulk orders will continue to receive 4 week shipping quotes, until supply can be built up a bit further.

2 thoughts on “Alas! OpenPCR is pre-stocked

  1. Stephen Langrell


    do you supply to Europe with different power supply?

    If so, what are the shipping costs to europe (e.g. UK, Spain, etc.).

    Thanks for any advice you can give at this stage.


  2. Josh Perfetto Post author

    Hi Stephen,

    Our power supply is 120 / 240 V so works in Europe if you flip the voltage switch. It comes with a US power cable but can easily add an adapter. The international shipping costs will be shown in checkout based on your destination.

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