Putting the Open in OpenPCR


Hi OpenPCR fans!

OpenPCR first came to life last February, and we showed off our first prototype at Maker Faire last May. Those of you following the blog know we designed, refined, and engineered our hearts out. Today, Josh and I are pleased to make the first version of the OpenPCR design docs public. Whether you’re a hardware junkie, circuit board lover, or code addict, we’ve got you covered!

Code, CAD, and Circuits


  • OpenPCR CAD (SolidWorks 2011) for all 100+ components of OpenPCR
  • Eagle files for the OpenPCR Brains circuit board
  • Arduino control software (still being revised)
  • Adobe Air software interface (still being revised)


We also invite you to check out the OpenPCR assembly instructions which come bound and printed with every kit we ship. The cover features beautiful glasswork by Dale Chihuly, and you can read the rest of the story here: https://openpcr.org/instructions/

A question for you — What OpenPCR stories would you like to hear? Any components or topics you would like us to write up in detail? Feel free to reply to this post or email us at contact@openpcr.org

Tito and Josh

7 thoughts on “Putting the Open in OpenPCR

  1. chuck

    Perhaps everyone who would make/buy this would know how to use it, but a manual (or a section in the existing build instructions) on how to use it would be nice. What chemicals are needed, mixing solutions, testing dna, etc.

    This way for those that are on the fence on if they can do it or not, would know what’s involved after building and start using!

  2. tito Post author

    Hi Chuck — good idea, I think we’ll have more answers about “what to do with it” soon! Others who currently use PCR are welcome to chime in about cool projects you’re working on!

  3. melka

    I was keeping an eye on your project for a while now and I have to say that I’m really impressed that you guys released the Solidworks files for the whole assembly ! I’m not sure I’ve seen any open source project with those kind of files released. I know it’s possible to download a lot of dxf file for the Makerbot, or that you can easily find plans for the Laser 2x from buildlog.net, but the whole Solidworks project ? Really nice work guys !

  4. blinko

    Please refer to this list if you’re having trouble formulating your own open source license:
    It would be good to know that you’re not just selling a DIY kit or low-cost PCR, and that it is actually an open product as the name implies.

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