First OpenPCR kit assembled

It’s no secret that we’re fast approaching the shipment of our Kickstarter and pre-order OpenPCR kits. But today marked a new milestone: the first assembly of an OpenPCR by someone other than Tito or myself. Eri Gentry was kind enough to spend the day assembling an OpenPCR and giving feedback on our instructions, which we’ll role into the final printing. Here she shows off the completed unit, which will be housed at the BioCurious hackerspace:

The boxes you see in the background are OpenPCR components for the first kits. We’re just awaiting one more shipment from China (expected next week), and making some final software changes, and then these boxes are out the door.

2 thoughts on “First OpenPCR kit assembled

  1. AdamT


    I stopped by here to check on the project after randomly coming across a youtube video about PCR. Congratulations on all the media coverage and getting the kits together! I’m glad to see the Arduino Uno being used and I would suggest simple serial output to start with, moving on later to a specific USB device class and be able to use it as a data monitoring source, control mechanism, provider of cycle number/temperature and so on.

    Did the original heated lid design survive to this version of the kit? No reason to ask, just curious. :-)

    This news is very exciting!

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