OpenPCR at the Grenswerk Art Festival (Enschede, the Netherlands)

A while back, we mentioned the excitement of sending an OpenPCR off to the Presidential Commission on Bioethics. After all that hard work, you might think our prototype would come home for some R&R. Instead, it headed onto Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where it was featured in an art show in Enschede┬áby the Joris Laarman Lab, along with lots of other cool experimental devices. Congrats to the Lab, and Anita and Nora for their hard work. Here’s a few shots from the exhibit. Enjoy!

OpenPCR PCR Machine

The Exhibit - check out the cool images painted on the walls!

I recognize those pictures from the DIYbio flickr stream

Microbial Fuel Cell

Spiker Box

OpenPCR PCR Machine

OpenPCR and the Pearl Gel Box