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OpenPCR PCR Machine
Hi everybody,
Just a tiny little teensy weensy update for you. A sexy picture of OpenPCR is featured this month in a little magazine called Nature. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s one of THE MOST IMPORTANT PUBLICATIONS IN THE SCIENCE WORLD. BOOM!
Our wonderful Kickstarter backers were mentioned too, as well as lots of our friends in the biotech scene!
“Other biohackers have also come up with creative ways to fund their projects. Several have used websites such as Kickstarter, which allows inventors to post their projects and funding targets online. Visitors to the site make donations, usually small ones, but the hope is that enough visitors making tiny contributions will add up. Two California garage biohackers, Tito Jankowski and Josh Perfetto, used Kickstarter to fund the development of a small, low-cost PCR machine known as OpenPCR. They reached their fundraising goal of $6,000 in ten days. By the time their Kickstarter listing closed 20 days later, they had doubled that figure. Another group of biohackers used Kickstarter to raise funds for a hackerspace called BioCurious, based in Silicon Valley, California. They raised more than $35,000.”
Read the full article: OpenPCR in Nature
Congrats to all!

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