Heat sinks arrived

All right, went and picked up the heatsinks at the UPS office last night. Broken them open while sitting in my car and made a couple quick judgments. Remember, my concerns are:

1. big enough surface area for the peltier
2. cost – $20 to $30
3. overall size and weight

The MassCool, while bigger in all dimensions, just isn’t big enough for the 4 cm square peltier. We would still need an aluminum plate adapter between the heat sink and the peltier.

The Titan on the other hand has the perfect sized surface for the 4 cm square peltier. It’s MASSIVE though.

I’m designing a quick prototype box today to send of to Ponoko. My focus is getting the case made to test out the heated lid. I’ve got a design using a spring hinge + thermal pads that I think will be easy to use and prevent condensation.

I’m also making the overall dimensions a lot bigger so they can fit any components we want to test out. Overall, it’s going to be 7″ tall, 7.25″ long, and 4.7″ wide. Our original case was and 5.7″ tall, 6.7″ long, and 5.4″ wide so this is test is quite a bit bigger. I’m going to test this out with both wood and acrylic, using a bolt design (the same one as the Makerbot) instead of glue. Glue is best for permanent slick looks, but since we’re ┬áthis is a hackable kit, bolts are easier to take on and off.

I’m also adding:

  1. Enlarging the hole for the aluminum block (4 cm square) to 4.4 cm square, to accommodate a layer of insulation around the block.
  2. Power port for the MicroATX ATX
  3. Front vents for the MicroATX so that we can test it internally