Make it hot

A good discussion on the OpenPCR heated lid over at O’Reilly Answers:

We’ve been thinking a lot about the heated lid, and have had some great ideas suggested.
Windell Oskay from Evil Mad Scientist Labs suggested actually making a custom PCB printed with copper trace to form a heater. What an awesome idea, definitely want to try it out.

I also found this great “wire making” tip on the EMSL site, looks good for fixing the ‘rats nest’ of wires we run into from time to time and thought I would share: link

Tonight Josh tried out a simple $16 peltier to do our heating and it worked, so we’ll go with that for now and focus on getting the mechanical design down. The heated lid must make flat contact with all the tubes, so a double hinged lid and some sort of downward pressure (magnets? latch?) are needed.